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frequently asked questions

Reservations are not required, but are highly encouraged. The weekends are our busiest times, so it’s best to reserve a rental.
The minimum age to rent a jet ski is 18. A government issued ID is required.
We provide life jackets, dock rope, and bumpers (upon request).
Customers can check in any time after 10:00am and must return the jet ski by 7:00pm. If you are arriving after 12:00pm, you must notify us so we can coordinate.
A valid government photo I.D. is required for operators. You will also want to bring sunscreen, a towel, and water to stay hydrated!
Paid parking is available at either 31st Street Harbor parking garage at 3155 S. Lake Shore Dr. or at 641 E 31st Street.
At time of pick up, our friendly staff will go through operational and safety instructions to ensure you have the correct information to enjoy your ride. This is also a great opportunity to review the “rules of the water” and ask questions that you may still have.
We have different models that vary in speed. The max speed ranges anywhere between 50-71mph, but water conditions and total weight onboard will have an effect.
There are no boundaries! Take your jet ski wherever you please. However, please note that we advise against going down the Chicago River. Long wait times are common for entering/exiting the river, it is a no-wake zone, and the river conditions make it easy to damage the personal watercraft. Beaching is also not allowed. Anchors may be available upon request.
For liability reasons, we only allow a maximum of 3 drivers or passengers to be assigned to each jet ski. However, only 2 adults (no more than 450 lbs. total) may be on any single jet ski at any given time.
Safety is our number one priority. If we are concerned that the weather may be an issue, we will reschedule or issue a full refund depending on your needs. The decision will be made the morning of operation.
Gas is not included. Upon arrival, the jet ski will have a full tank of gas and must be returned full. If you are returning the jet ski after the gas dock is closed, you will be invoiced for gas.
Most Chicago harbors have a gas dock available to the public. If you are renting the GP1800R, premium fuel is required and only available at Diversey Harbor. If you do fill up at the harbor, the receipt is required to ensure the correct gas was used.
A damage deposit of $1,000.00 per ski is required. The damage deposit is collected at the time of your reservation and requires a credit card that matches the operator’s ID. No debit cards or cash allowed.
The authorization hold will be released within 24 hours of returning the equipment if it is returned in the same condition as you received it. Once released on our end, the time it takes for the hold to return to your card varies by bank. The average transaction reversal is typically within 2-7 days on credit cards, but can take longer.
Reservations can only be made online at:
No boating license is required!
Typically, no. However, if we have open availability, we are open to accommodating same-day hourly rentals. With that being said, reservations are not allowed for hourly rentals and you must call to confirm availability.
We are open to accommodating same day hourly reservations if all jet skis are not reserved. However, we will not take reservations for hourly rentals. Please call to confirm availability.

We are aware that not all things go as planned, so we suggest heading back to the harbor with ample time to arrive prior to the 7pm return deadline. All late returns are subject to a late fee of $4.00 per minute.
We are located on the J dock at 31st Street Harbor! The address to the harbor is 3155 S Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL 60616.
No! Our jet skis are already equipped and in the water, ready to ride.
Unfortunately, it is required that the operator(s) be fluent in English for safety reasons. It is important that all safety and operational instructions are understood.
Anyone over 42” tall can be a passenger! Please note that no one is allowed to sit in front of the driver.
All of our jet skis are 3 seaters, but to ensure that you have a safe and fun experience on the water, we have a limit of 2 adults or 450 lbs.
We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you must cancel your reservation and we are notified at least 48 hours prior to the day of your reservation, we will refund 85% of the total rental cost. If you cancel for any reason and we are notified less than 48 hours prior to the day of your reservation, we cannot refund any portion of the payment. All sales inside 48 hours are final and non-refundable. Rescheduling is only allowed if we are notified no less than 48 hours of the reservation date.
All cancellation or reschedule requests and changes must be sent via email to [email protected] All requests must be submitted by the reservation holder and must include the following information: name, confirmation number, reservation date, and specific details regarding the request.

We consider 5 hours on the lake a full day. The clock starts at the beginning of rental time or 11:00am, whichever is first. If there is a mid-day storm that is only expected to last an hour or less, we will not prorate the rental.
It depends on many factors! For most, a full tank lasts the entire day. Always monitor the gas gauge and plan accordingly.
You can always come back to the initial starting point and dock the jet ski on the floating docks. Pier 31 and Salerno's are both great food options at 31st Street Harbor!
Only 1 credit card is allowed per jet ski.
Novak Rentals, LLC (DBA: Next Wave Watersports) offers NO insurance against damage to the machines, persons or property. You may be covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Please check with your insurance agent about adding a rental damage rider to your homeowners policy if you are not already covered.